The Collector

In his heart, Gene Siskel had a soft spot for Hollywood and professional sports, which would explain why over the course of his career he compiled an impressive array of film and sports-related memorabilia. His collection included film scripts, original promotional posters, lobby cards, autographed promotional photos, clothing, books and laser discs. Some of the items Siskel sought out himself, while the others were gifts from film Hollywood directors and producers.

Specific items in Siskel's memorabilia collection included Michael Jordan's rookie jersey, a promotional poster from the film "Do the Right Thing" signed by Spike Lee, an original painted poster from the silent film "Serenade," and a copy of the script from the film "Tootsie" signed by Sydney Pollack.

Siskel came across his most prized possession, however, in 1978 when he purchased the white polyester suit worn by actor John Travolta in the film "Saturday Night Fever." Paying approximately $2,000 for the suit, Siskel earned more than 72-times that when 17 years later he sold it for $145,000 at a Christie's auction. Siskel was such a fan of "Saturday Night Fever," that he claimed to have watched the film more than 17 times throughout his life.